DarkComet 5.3.1 Complete Crack Setup Portable (RAT) Remote Administration Tools [Latest]


A remote administration tool Crack (also known as RAT) is software designed to provide full access to remote clients. Features often include keystroke logging, file system access, and remote control; including control devices such as microphones and webcams. RATs are intended as legitimate administrative tools, however, due to their extensive capabilities, they are often used with malicious intent.

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When a RAT is identified as the payload of a malware infection, a typical malware scan will resolve any functionality provided to the attacker. However, the attacker may not use all of the abilities provided; They can simply use the keylogger function or the backdoor to install more tools on the infected host. For a full impact assessment, this detail is required and can only be made available by analyzing the commands sent to the host by the attacker. However, access to command and control traffic is limited because most RATs implement encryption or obfuscation to mask data sent over the network.

In this blog post, I’ll take a look at a RAT called Dark Comet. I will review the capabilities provided by the tool, examine the associated network traffic, identify the encryption algorithm, and show how the key can be identified with a little scan of an infected host.

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Dark Comet RAT cracked has been available for a few years and is now in version 4, with over 70,000 downloads to date. The RAT appears to be regularly updated with bug fixes and new features.

Dark Comet provides many features very similar to other commercially available RATs and implements the same Client-Server architecture shown in the following diagram. The servers are built on the client’s machine and deployed on as many remote hosts as necessary; once deployed, they will reconnect to the customer and wait for orders. The client-side provides a management console to manage all incoming connections, allowing full command and control capability and access to the file system. Multiple server “profiles” can be managed from a single client, and servers can be upgraded or uninstalled remotely.

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Characteristics of DarkComet Cracked

The following list of features is not exhaustive, but it is the reviews that make DarkComet such a dangerous tool. Many of these functions can be used to support an entire system and allow the customer full access by granting through UAC.
Spy functions
Webcam capture, sound capture, remote desktop, keylogger
Network functions
Active ports, network shares, server bases5, LAN computers, Net-Gateway, IP scanner, URL download, navigation page, IP / port redirection, WiFi access points
Computing power
Shutdown, shutdown, restart, logout
Server actions
Lock computer, restart server, stop the server, uninstall server, load and run, remote modification service
Update server
From URL, From File
Fun functions
Fun Manager, piano, message box, Microsoft Reader, remote chat


  • Download from the link below
  • Extract and install it
  • Run the setup
  • All done

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